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On my way out of debt… or at least the small debts

I’m not really sure where or how to start posting on here other than the posts that I copied from previously about bipolar disorder so I’m just going to start with a random one that I also posted on Facebook. Enjoy?

I amazingly didn’t lose my job somehow after all the false accusations and screaming at me at work and was able to withstand it long enough to be able to calm myself before I acted on my urge to quit. With that said, I have finally been able to pay off most of the debt that I acquired over the past two years during my period of unemployment. I just recently received my tax refund and my dad helped out as well so that was a blessing. I still have $2836.37 left to go but that is not much of anything compared to how much I owed. Plus I still have the big loans in life to pay off like my mortgage and student loans. I know that over two-thousand dollars still sounds like a high amount but you should have seen how much I owed when I first started paying back the debts that had accrued during my unemployment. I had lots of debt backed up such as medical bills, mortgage payments, HOA fees, credit cards, other lines of credit, etc. I’m glad to see that I’m getting much closer to being back to normal and hopefully getting my credit fixed AGAIN. I’d like to get out of this crazy condo situation sooner than later.

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