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Email to my boss – “Gratitude and Request” or “Please, massa!”

As an HSP (highly sensitive person), it is very hard for me to work in the corporate world much less any other job. This is an email I sent to my boss for the drudgery job that I am hoping to get out of soon. I really need the unemployment payments though so I am working hard to make that happen. Check out my letter to him below and then his response and tell me what you think. I’ll post the email that I plan on writing to him as a response to his response on another post. By the way, the names of people and places have been changed to protect the “innocent”. 🙂 Enjoy!


From: Elt Surnoir
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 11:31 AM
To: Massa Suh
Subject: Gratitude and Request


First of all, I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work from home because of my bipolar disorder to try to keep my anxiety levels to a minimum. I know that not all company owners would be willing to do such a thing to help out an employee. It has been a great added benefit that has helped immensely during the time that I have worked for Horizontal Disorder and I really appreciate it.

Although I am very grateful for everything that you have done for me, I still do have a situation that has come up that I would like to talk about. When I first started working at Horizontal Disorder, my job duties were to check backups on a daily basis and fix any problems with the backups. If I was unable to fix the backups then I was to notify the help desk to have other technicians assigned to work on the backups. As far as my knowledge goes from my training with Dr. Mirage and others, that was the extent of my duties and was the entirety of the work I did every day for the first six months that I was at Horizontal Disorder.

Recently, my duties were changed to include following up with the technicians on a daily basis that were assigned to work on backups and conveying that information to the clients and our help desk. These new duties are administrative or management type duties that I was not expecting to do as part of this job. The only reason I took this job in the first place was because of its autonomy to help keep my level of anxiety low.

My wish is to continue to work from home with Horizontal Disorder but without the addition of these new job duties. I definitely think that the technicians should be able to keep up with their own assignments and update the help desk and myself on their own without my intervention. With that in mind, do you think that it might be possible for me to go back to doing my original duties without these extra communications and management duties?


Elt Surnoir


And here is the response I got from my boss aka the company owner:


From: Massa Suh
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 2:08 PM
To: Elt Surnoir
Cc: The Most Powerful Secretary in the World and Massa Suh’s Second Mama; HORIZONTAL_DISORDER _ GENERAL Personnel <{FU6969}.emanagery@hdgwcs02.horidiso.com>
Subject: RE: Gratitude and Request [IWOV-emanagery.FIDO6969]


Thanks for your email, I am pleased that I have been able to accommodate your needs. As a small business owner, I have an obligation to my clients to monitor and accurately assess their technology posture. We have not been doing a good enough job lately which requires us to make changes from time to time. As such,  we are making some changes to the processes and workflow of your job position to improve those inefficiencies. Notably, working from home and adequate communication with the rest of the department. I have included a revised job description for your information.

1.       All work to be done on premise (Horizontal Disorder HQ in Cityville)

2.       Hours 9-6 M-F

3.       Verify all Hori-storage backups have run successfully and coordinate with dispatch to escalate when necessary to mitigate issues. Escalation only to occur after initial triage.

4.       Verify all VIP client backups have run successfully and escalate after initial triage.

5.       Check AV status for all VIP clients

6.       Check and coordinate patch status of all clients

7.       Check VIP client alerts in ABC portal (N-Outside) Create tickets in DEF for dispatch to schedule.

8.       Effective communications with peers to determine status of escalations. This is absolutely necessary to perform this job.

9.       Effective communication with clients to address additional concerns and status updates.

Therefore, I am rejecting your request and expect you to be in office Monday the 25th at 9am.

I have asked accounting to include a copy of this response along with your original request in your permanent file.



Just so you know, when he says “accounting” what he really means is he sent it to His Second Mama aka The Most Powerful Secretary in the world for her help and approval since he can’t seem to make any decisions on his own. He also does every single thing she says and believes every single thing she says about anyone no matter how much of a lie it is and no matter how much proof a person has to back up their claim. It is utterly ridiculous! I have only been working there 8 months and I know of 4 people besides me that have either quit or been fired because of her. It’s crazy! She’s like a small, thin little redneck bully. She’s been working at the company for 20 years which is the entire time the company has existed so there’s something weird going on there with Massa and The Most Powerful Secretary in the World aka Massa’s Second Mama. And can you believe he said he was putting something in my “permanent file”? Hilarious!

Anyway, I’ll get off my high horse and see what everyone else thinks of this. Here are some visual examples of how I feel about it:



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