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Am I an INFP or INFJ? Or even something else? What gives?

Okay, so I have taken different personality tests in the past week and almost all of them have said something different from one another. I’ve taken the Jung test, the Myers Briggs test, and some others that I have no idea where they came from. I just took one yesterday and it said I was INFP and very strong (66% or above) in all areas. Then I took a different test this morning and it said that I was an INFJ. What’s up with that? I actually even took a few days ago and it said that I was an ISFP and another one said I was an ISFJ. So which one is it? It’s driving me crazy! Can anyone help me figure this out? Which Harry Potter character am I? 🙂

harry potter personality types myers briggs infp


Here is something interested I found on the website http://www.infjorinfp.com called Truth in Humor that is pretty funny but it still didn’t help me too much. What do you think about this?


Illusions of the Unhealthy XXXX by Doug Bates – Source

ESTP – “I’m a stud and the world revolves around me”

ISTP – “I can make anything work”

ENTP – “I can come up with a solution for anything”

INTP – “I’m brilliant and you’d better bow to my genius”

ESTJ – “I am in control”

ISTJ – “I do everything right”

ENTJ – “I am all-powerful”

INTJ – “I am all-knowing”

ESFP – “I am the most glamorous”

ISFP – “Nobody has better taste than I do”

ENFP – “I have the most enthusiasm”

INFP – “I have the most sensitive conscience”

ESFJ – “Everyone likes me and wants to be like me”

ISFJ – “Nobody can get along without me”

ENFJ – “I can teach anyone anything”

INFJ – “I have the best intentions”


3 thoughts on “Am I an INFP or INFJ? Or even something else? What gives?

  1. The truth of the matter is… these tests are b.s. The proper way of discovering your true type is to study the functions: Fi, Fe, Ni, Ne, Si, Se, Te, and Ti. Study them, put them in the order you process them the most and it should be clear. Start with your dominant function and work from there.

    These tests focus on the letters rather than the functions themselves, which is why they;re not reliable and people often mistype themselves. If you still haven’t determined your type I’d suggest making stopping at: http://personalitycafe.com/

  2. I love personalityjunkie.com They have very goo descriptions of the types and how their functions stack. INFP and INFJ are actually very very different. Once you read the descriptions you will most likely know.

  3. What they said, study the functions. If you get wildly different results, don’t trust a single test you take.

    Basic breakdown of the functions:

    You have two introverted and two extroverted functions. If you’re an introvert, your dominant (first) function is Introverted, the next is Extroverted, and so on.

    You have one Feeling, one Thinking, one Sensing, and one Intuition function. If you know your first two functions, the ones you use the most, you know your last two (for example, if your first function is Intuitive your last is Sensing, if your first is Thinking your last is Feeling. Then the Second and Third functions parallel each other too.)

    The abbreviations are Fi, Fe, Si, Se, Ni, Ne, Ti, Te. Do some light research.

    Hope you figure it out.

    PS. that Harry Potter chart is incredibly inaccurate, don’t trust the fan charts because they replace accuracy with filling in every type. Some of them are right, but Hermione is ESTJ, Neville is certainly NOT INTP, Fudge is ESFJ, and Luna’s INTP, to say the obvious. I can’t think of an INFP Harry Potter character, but INFJs are Lupin, ISFPs are Harry and Hagrid, and ISFJs are Cho and Cedric.

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