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To resign or not to resign… Just kidding. I’m DEFINITELY resigning!

How does this resignation letter sound to all of you? I will be shipping all of my work equipment that I used to work from home to work via a courier and this resignation will be included as part of the package. Some of the names have been changed once again to protect the guilty.


During the latter portion of my medical leave of absence this past weekend, I considered what to do regarding your denial of my request to keep my original job duties because of my medical issues. As you know, I have high sensitivities, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, ADHD, and other issues which create specific necessities for me in the work place environment. Since the new duties that were created as part of my new job description would cause undue stress and harm to me, I have no other choice but to tender my resignation, effective immediately.

All work equipment owned by Horizontal Disorder including a laptop, two flat screen monitors, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless adapter, mouse pad, and all wires have all been returned in this courier delivery. Please have accounting send the necessary forms for me to fill out to continue my health insurance using COBRA.


Your Ex-Slave

This cartoon is not part of my resignation, by the way. I just thought I would post it because I enjoy visuals. 🙂



4 thoughts on “To resign or not to resign… Just kidding. I’m DEFINITELY resigning!

  1. I think if you do not have any specific reason why you want to point again your medical condition I believe the best thing to do is just tell them something like ?due to some unfortunate difficulties which we are already discussed i am unable to except my new duties and therefore I have no choice that to hand over my resignation”

    and the reason I am saying that is; you do not want some third person gets a hold of this letter about your medical condition. There might be several different scenarios of who your ex-boss hands that letter over too, (to your new boss or some HRM that worked with your ex-boss and then one day fate brings you two at the same organization

    • Very true. I may take it out and put in the general idea that he knew all along that he I had some sort of medical condition that he did not try to work around. I actually have to at least include the fact that he didn’t work with me on it when I already had job duties that fit me because that is the only way that I can get unemployment for quitting instead of being laid off or fired in the state that I live in. They say I have to tell him what the problem was and try to work it out with him before I quit. If he doesn’t try to work it out after that, then I can quit and still get unemployment. I think you are probably right though. It would be better to be less specific because he already knows what the deal is and he may pass it around to a lot of people. Thanks for the help! Just so you know, I still may not change it because I am at the point that I just don’t care who knows what “diseases” I have anymore. I want them to know my temperament and my personality type right up front so we can get this figured out before I waste my time anymore trying to work at a job that I will never be able to keep in the long run. I’ve actually never really minded if people that know those things about me for some reason but I seem to be different than most other people and they don’t want to tell their boss. I can completely understand that side, too. I didn’t tell my boss at first when I got hired and then I told him later and he accommodated me even more. Now he has gone the opposite direction and made the duties so complex for me that will not suit me at all that I have to quit. I actually think he is doing it on purpose. The thing he doesn’t realize is that if I quit because of this type of incident that I will be able to get unemployment and he will have to pay for it, literally. I never said he was a boss that pays much attention and does much research into what he should and shouldn’t be doing for his business. I guess I’m lucky in that regard. Actually, that’s probably the reason that I’m having to leave now is because he does not pay attention or care about anything besides helping himself, so maybe I was not so lucky.

  2. First, you do not have a “disease” but a “condition”

    and it is true the moral and honest thing is always to inform them from the start something not many people do and most of the times the ones that they do in most of the time it turns against them.

    it is your choice been as open as you want but never regret it just learn to help you for the future and this is one of the biggest lessons to help you with life. Always take it as it was your choice and do not look back just use it for a learning lesson(it might be the hard way but you know it was that made that decision)This is if you tell people about you but when a third person goes around and talks about you behind your back is something harder to control especially when the other people draw an opinion about you base on a third persons statements.

    If the case is to be able to get unemployment then you have to cover yourself.
    1) if you are able; you must talk to your doctor as it is much harder to dispute a doctor

    2) second talk to the unemployment office if you trust them their will help you and not find a way not to pay you

    3) (i can not tell you what is the best thing to include because i do not know your boss or your local laws but I can give you an idea)
    you can include; I love to continue working with the company and I would want to try my hardest but as all ready we discuses there are current medical issue that they might cause an issue but still I am happy if we can can come to a solution that protects both of us an eliminates disadvantages for both parties)

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