I’m a night owl.

I’m a night owl. I love being awake at night more than during the day no matter what I’m doing. I feel much more comfortable then. It could be working on my music, surfing the internet, watching movies, washing dishes, swimming laps at Health Place, driving around with no traffic, shopping at Kroger, or pretty much doing anything. I guess it’s because it’s just calmer at that time no matter what. It is also dark and no animals and less cars and people and machines making noise outside. It is just so much calmer with no one or thing bothering me. It’s also much cooler feeling without the sun blazing hot on me. I enjoy things like hot tubs and a good shower and even the warm sun but it can get too extreme for my eyes and can make me sweat and it gets too damn humid so I just want to stay away from it and be comfortable. Also I know that I will have to sleep while everyone else is awake and that is my excuse to not have to have my phone on or answer any questions that anyone is going to bother me with. I know everyone else is asleep and I won’t be bothered at all during that time no matter what. I can get things done when I want to when I want to and how I want to do it and not have to deal with people so much. Maybe I’m not a people person or a city boy like I always thought I was growing up. I always have the urge to interact with people and be with friends and want to be the center of attention but it seems like it is the opposite of what I truly feel inside. It’s very confusing to me. Maybe I’m just starting to figure out who I really am. Everyone wants to be loved and have people think highly of them and say great things about them and give them compliments and attention but I may have been going about it the wrong way my entire life and attracting the wrong type of attention. It’s very confusing. I think I may be more of a loner but I really like to seek excitement and fun, too, so I’m not really sure what to think or how to live. I can’t get too much stimulation or input or I will get too hyped up and stressed out even if it is good stress like on a vacation or coming up with great ideas or even people giving me compliments and agreeing with everything I say. I dunno what to think. All I know is that I definitely enjoy life once it gets dark better. I like dark night clubs. I like nice music. I like to think less about life and have a little drinky poo or a little puff puff every once in a while to relax. Maybe I should move to a place that is less religious and more free and calm. I live in a place that most people are super religious or at least religious in some way. I’ve never lived away from here. Maybe it is time for me to try a new place. I also live in a place that has way too many food temptations and I really need to try to eat healthier these days. Okay, this was way more rambling than I thought. I was just trying to explain how I was a night owl and kind of say why but it got a little deeper than that. Anyway, I personally LOVE being a night owl and HATE how so many people try to make me feel bad about my decision to stay awake at night and sleep longer during the day. Their criticism is the EXACT reason that I want to stay up late at night and stay away from them. Let me live my life and if you can’t handle it then keep it to your fucking self! If you want to be around me, then be around me on my terms and stop getting into my business or commenting on my life or trying to change me. Anyway, I loveing up at night. I can really spread my wings out and take flight at night. Hoot hoot! I’m an night owl.


Spread your wings at night like the barn owl. Beautiful, right?