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How I Want, Hope, and Predict Breaking Bad Will End

There are plenty of predictions out there about how Breaking Bad will end in these last four episodes of the series. Many people are even claiming to have seen the rest of the show and know exactly what is going to happen. According to what I have read about what supposedly is known, I sure hope that is not what is going to happen. Instead of those rumors being what happens, here are some of the things that I hope, want, and predict will happen during the last four episodes of Breaking Bad in no particular order:

-Since ricin, strontium, and phosphorus have all been known to help fight cancer in various experiments, Walt chemically manipulates the ricin and uses it, along with the strontium and phosphorus from the tracer bullets that came with the gun in his trunk, to experimentally treat his cancer which has now spread beyond any hope and into his bones.

-It is found out that Holly is actually Ted Beneke’s daughter instead of Walt’s child. In turn, Walt kills Holly with one of the version of holly berries that is not poisonous to adults but can kill a child if given enough. Jesse kills Walt the same way that he killed phosphine gas and then melts his body with the hydrofluoric acid.

-Hank goes off the deep end even more and into his Captain Ahab revenge persona. He kills Walt by using his new found knowledge of minerals from his hobby of mineral collecting while he was recovering after being shot.

-Walter Junior, aka Flynn, finds out about everything and is very upset at first. He then decides he wants to be like his dad even though Walt doesn’t want him to.

-We find out that the reason that Flynn has cerebral palsy is because his mother was addicted to meth during her pregnancy with him and that deprivation of oxygen caused by the meth can cause cerebral palsy.

-We will find out that Fring was not only of Chilean descent but also of a German heritage. His family came to Chile at the time when the Nazis were fleeing at the end of World War II. The family is actually part of the huge German corporation that ran Pollos Hermanos. When they find out that Walt is the one that had Fring killed then they seek revenge.

-The wrong “Walter” is killed. There is somehow a mix up in identities because the father and son are both named Walter.

-The hammer in the evidence stash was labeled “Gutierrez” in the episode where they destroyed Fring’s laptop with a huge magnet. The English translation of Gutierrez is “son of Walter”. This is a foreshadowing of Walt’s son being associated with a hammer in some violent way either being killed by a hammer or killing someone else with a hammer.

So, what do you think about these predictions? Do you think they hit the nail on the head or they are way off base? Do you have any of your own ideas? Write about it in the comments below to let everyone know.



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