Home » Uncategorized » I stole this comment about the Dexter finale from msync10! It’s Shakespeare! (or not) Very nice.

I stole this comment about the Dexter finale from msync10! It’s Shakespeare! (or not) Very nice.

dexter loves his fans reaction to the final episode

We love you, too, Dexter!

Yep, I thought this post was pretty cool so I stole it and posted it from msync10. Enjoy!

“The real Dexter finale for me was the end of season 4. That was a brilliant Shakespearean ending and frankly there was no more of the story to tell. Seasons 5-7 was like watching Hamlet: The Adult Years or Life after Romeo and Juliet. It was over. He discovered his humanity and realized he in fact loved a woman and had family not just a sham, integrated his father’s code into the reality of his life, was loved and accepted and forgiven by his wife and the mother of his child, dispatched his mortal enemy and still paid the price for his actions by losing everything in a precise mirror of the beginning of the story AND left the question open; will his infant son make the same choices?

This was a useless story. And if they had to go this direction, the true poignant ending is that he dies in a strom that ravages is city, which, as the announcer says has left the city untouched despite it’s violence. Why does he live? So we know he has nothing and is going to continue to kill?

Deborah goes into a coma simply to give him the ability to throw her overboard?

Horribly misguided ending and a truly courageous production team would have let this show die 4 years ago.”


You mean a show like Breaking Bad? 🙂 I hope Breaking Bad’s finale is amazing! It definitely seems like it is leading up to an amazing end. Only 1 more episode to go! 🙂


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