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Yep, I am complaing about the ending to Dexter. Awful!


On a lighter note, here are The Bay Harbor Butcher and The Trinity Killer sharing a laugh! 🙂

The show runner of the Dexter from seasons 1-4 told their idea of how they would have pitched the show to end. I actually thought their idea was kind of ridiculous, too. I really HATE when they make ANYTHING in entertainment into anything that resembles a dream or anything that will make it into something that is not really happening or didn’t actually happen within the show. It’s already fake! It’s entertainment! Why not at least make what we are watching real within itself. That way of doing things is just a complete cop out for the writers that can not figure out how to make it work in reality or cannot write well enough to figure out what will actually work within the world they created. To me, it is not about trying to make me think, make me feel like I shouldn’t make bad choices because bad things will happen to me. I already know that! I know what real life is like! How about giving me a great escape for just a little while and some decent entertainment that actually makes sense within the world you created whatever that world is? That’s the entire reason I watch entertainment. I don’t watch it to learn a lesson. I don’t watch it to try to figure out my own ending (unless you’re paying me to write the damn show, too, LOST and THE SOPRANOS). Anyway, to make a long story longer, the Dexter show runner from season 1-4 had an idea of making it into a dream style sequence type thing that was the entire show happening between the beginning of Dexter being strapped into the execution table and the time the drugs were flowing into his body to kill him. All the people that he killed in the few seconds in his mind in between being strapped to the execution table and the drugs being induced were the people watching him being put to death in the viewing room. I HATE dream sequences or anything that warps time or fakes anything within the world that was created. Come on! Give me a break! Come up with something within the world you created! Nothing that all of a sudden breaks out of that world! I guess that’s how Dexter actually did end but I still hated that ending, too. It didn’t seem true to the reality of the first 5 or 6 seasons or Dexter. Everything changed in the past few seasons and definitely within the last episode. In other words, I hated it. I could think of about 10 different endings that would be better than that! Maybe they’ll pay me to write a new last season or last episode. I’ll do it! Give me the money. I’ll take on the challenge. Now back to your regularly schedule bull-shais. Hopefully BREAKING BAD will stop the ridiculous trend of horrible endings to great shows. I guess we’ll see next week. So far, so good. Please dear lords, god, goddesses, Buddha, whoever I need to pray and beg, make this be a good ending. I trust these writers more than I have any writers before now but I still worry since it seems like every great show messed up their ending in recent memory.


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