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The reason no one can agree on the ending to Dexter


Dexter the Blood-Spattered Smiley-Faced Serial Killer

I think the problem with Dexter is that there are two types of fans. There are the romantic fans that loved the idea of him being a “good guy” that has emotions and cares and loves that occurred during the second half of the series from Season 5 through Season 8. Then there are the people that enjoyed the show for what it originally was which was an actual psychopath with no emotions trying to survive in society by living within the code that made him into a true vigilante for justice even though he would prefer just to kill whenever he had the urge.

These are really two completely different shows. I don’t know if there was a way to write an ending that could satisfy the two different shows that Dexter had become over the years.

Personally, I am someone that was a fan of the first four seasons of the show and really did not like the “new” Dexter with emotions. Psychopaths do not all of a sudden learn to have real emotions. I enjoyed seeing the story of what it would be like to live as a psychopath and try to make it in the real world without getting caught and also trying to do good by the ideals of our society. I didn’t start watching a show about a serial killer because I wanted someone that would end up as a regular person with real emotions that hardly ever killed anymore and only did so because of anger or revenge. I want to see something different and interesting that I don’t, and hopefully can’t or won’t, get in real life. I miss the “real” Dexter from Seasons 1 through Season 4.

So, depending on if you are a fan of the first-half of Dexter of the second-half of Dexter will probably determine how much you hated or enjoyed the finale to the series.


4 thoughts on “The reason no one can agree on the ending to Dexter

  1. Well do we assume that in his self-exile as a logger Dexter is still killing? Because if not, he still ended up as regular person with emotions who doesn’t kill anymore because he realized what a monster he is when he caused his sister’s death.

  2. The writers said that the look he gave at the end with no voice over, no Harry’s ghost, and no specific emotions on his face were supposed to show that he is just living a normal, boring existence now and punishing himself with this life because of everything that happened previous. Why do you ask about that?

  3. Is it wrong that I feel like the writers were too safe with the ending? I was hoping they would go out with a bang. I don’t know, someone finding out about him? Getting caught? Hannah getting crazy–er? Debra going on a killing spree? I was really underwhelmed, they had the opportunity to just shock everyone and screw with our minds but the ending felt so typical and not memorable. Anyway lol sorry to vent but I really like your post and I liked the first four seasons like you. Thank you for sharing!

    • That is EXACTLY what I was thinking! I was hoping that they might bring the show runner back that ran the show from seasons 1-4 and go out with a bang even if it was just for the last episode. Those are some good ideas that you have. I definitely wanted something more interesting to happen. I know a lot of people feel something for the characters but, to me, that’s not what this show was originally about. Plus, entertainment in general for me is just to see something happen that I don’t get to see on a daily basis. I would NEVER want someone I cared about or even didn’t care about to get killed or something horrible happen to them in real life, which is some people seem to act about their entertainment, too. But for me, I wanted to see stuff like you said. Dexter gets caught, we get to see everyone react to the noise, how does the department handle it, who else “breaks bad” along with Dexter because they understand him now, Debra gets crazy, maybe we jump to the future and see Harrison get a dark passenger. I might have even enjoyed the leaked ending that everyone said they hated. It was the exact same storyline except that Quinn found out what Dexter really was and agreed that Saxon had to be killed so he went and did it for Dexter so he could get out of town without any troubles. Even though that ending sucks, it’s still much better than what they actually had for the series finale. By the way, don’t mind venting. That’s why I post this stuff on here. I gotta vent on these things sometimes! I can’t BELIEVE that some of these people actually get PAID to write when I could find about 100 people right now via email that aren’t professional writers that I’m sure could write a better ending than they did. I would have loved to have been shocked and screwed with my mind. Luckily, Breaking Bad is there to do that for me up through next week. I hope they go out with some mind blowing stuff. I have more faith in them because of the way they’ve been writing this season has been amazing. I still have a little bit of fear though because of so many shows going out with a whimper. I really, really, REALLY hope Breaking Bad gets it right. Well, I think I wrote more here than I did in my actual blog post. 🙂 I just get really passionate about entertainment and horrible writing. Thanks for the comment!

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