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Are all human sleep cycles really supposed to be exactly the same?

It’s not like we can just press a button to go to sleep or wake up anytime we want, right?


I am starting to think that my body’s natural sleep cycle may be different than most other people. I have read in studies that some people adopt a completely different cycle of sleep when they are confined to an area where they can’t see whether it is day or night and they have no idea what day or time it is over a period of a few weeks. They end up staying up a much larger amount of hours in a row than just the usual 16 hours and then sleep much longer than the 8 hours once they finally go to sleep. Isn’t that interesting? I wish I could find that study again so I could see what it says. If anyone sees it or knows where I could find it, if you could let me know about it so I can check it out again then I would really appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “Are all human sleep cycles really supposed to be exactly the same?

  1. The conventional monophasic sleep cycle is actually not a human’s natural sleep cycle. We were ‘designed’ to sleep biphasic (meaning in 2 phases, rather than 1 phase as is nowadays usual).

    I am at the moment trying to adapt a more natural sleeping cycle, consisting of 2 90-minute ‘cores’ at dusk and dawn accompanied by several short powernaps, This not only limits my sleeping time to 4 hours per day, it also guarantees I am energetic all throughout the day.
    I have more information about this on my blog, and I think I know which paper you’re looking for and I’ll see if I can retrieve it.

    • Very cool! Thanks so much for the information and input. I would definitely be very grateful if you could find the specific study that I was referring to earlier in my post. Thanks so much!

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