Apparently, I like to post things and write things and comment on things on the interwebs.

Is there any way I can make a living doing this?



Okay, fine. I’ll give credit to a blogger. Michael Jackson didn’t invent the “moonwalk”.

I don’t usually give credit to blogs as much as articles because they have so much leeway with what they can say but this blog post was very impressive with video links and everything included!

By the way, I love Michael Jackson as a performer!


Yahoo “News” – Is it false advertising or slander? Probably neither. Damn those “blogs”!

Is a misleading or even completely incorrect title such as “Jamaal Franklin’s bizarre dunk may be a sign good luck is finally on San Diego State’s side” or a link to the story with the title “Dunk might be the weirdest of the year” or “Really weird NCAA dunk” counted as false advertisement or slander? Oh wait. It’s just a blog so it’s totally legal. Good think, Yahoo! We LOVE when it’s legally okay for you to do something and you trick us into reading an article… uh, excuse me… I mean blog that doesn’t have much, if anything, to do with the title(s). Yahoo News… your source for making them money and wasting your time by clicking on stories that are total bologna.